Best 5 modern Christmas Songs of 2017

Christmas is a colorful and joyful celebration that brings people more enjoyment and wonderful experience. If you want to make your Christmas celebration special and exciting, you can prefer the new and fantastic Christmas songs. There are a great collection of Christmas songs available that make your upcoming Christmas celebration memorable.  People do not like to transform their old Christmas songs into modern ones. Instead, they look for the new refreshing additions to their collection of festive favorites. Here are few best Christmas songs 2017 as follow:

  1. Star (Mariah Carey)


It is an excellent music icon that not only appears as a fan of her pet name, Queen of Christmas but Mariah Carey also never did pumping out the holiday tunes. Her new installment of the festive music is actually from the animated movie, which is popularly known as The Star. She belts out a title song and excellent music in a soundtrack. It is a contemporary balled that includes goosebumps such as key changes and riffs.

  1. Lil Snowman (Mariah Carey)


Carey also presents another animated movie soundtrack known as All I Want for best Christmas songs 2017 Is You. She is an excellent singer who delivers another incredible title or holiday original. Unlike the dramatic melody of The Star, “Lil Snowman” incorporates the retro rock ’n’ roll feel. It is useful to note that this is simply another testament to the versatility of Mariah. The specialized features make it a perfect Christmas music for everyone.

  1. Santa’s Coming for Us (Sia)


Sia has an excellent songwriting powerhouse that proves her unique offbeat pop style is a right choice for the Christmas music. She is making her foremost foray into a holiday music scene along with an album known as Everyday Is Christmas that will be successfully released on the dated 17th November. Along with her wonderful vocal quirk, Sia brings some other staples to switch to lovely holiday music.


  1. You make It Feel like Christmas (Gwen Stefani feat)


Stefan actually dives into a realm of impressive best Christmas songs 2017 with her foremost-ever holiday album.  As an excellent album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas brings people the desired enjoyment and fun.  It is an excellent blend of new originals and timeless covers by a former named No Doubt front woman. This jingly title track is created with her nation star beau Blake Shelton, pot hit writer named Justin T ranter and country producer Bus bee.


  1. “Season of Love” (98°)


The 90s boy bands again reunited to provide the most awesome Christmas music to this world. The quartet merged forces again to their foremost complete-length holiday record in eighteen years. It is called Let It Snow. It is a super catchy original song that appears on a record, lovely cheesy vibes and dreamy harmonies.   It is an amazing and wonderful Christmas music that bring people more enjoyment.


These are the best and most exciting best Christmas songs 2017 of all tastes and requirements. By adding the most exciting Christmas music to your festive favorites, you can make the upcoming Christmas celebration much exciting.




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