10 Marketing Ideas To Successfully Market Your Hvac

HVAC has emerged as a key building block for infrastructure development. The Indian HVAC market is projected to touch $3.9 million in 2019.  Recent consumer behaviour statistics available for the HVAC industry indicate trends that can be used for devising future marketing strategies.

  • 57% of website visits come from mobiles
  • A 1-second delay in page loading leads to a 20% fall in conversion rate
  • The three top marketing tools today are email (54%), websites (51%), and social media (48%)

Depending on these statistics HVAC companies formulate marketing strategies and plans. It is seen that generic Google searches are becoming less reliable when compared to PPC or pay per click ads and local service ads. Here are the top picks for promoting and marketing your HVAC business.

Print marketing

Think beyond newspaper and magazine ads when you consider print marketing as your tool. Signage on trucks and vans are a good eye-catching option that has a far greater outreach.  Event and charity sponsorship offer another avenue for you to put in billboards advertising your business.  It is best to avoid mailers and doorknob hangers as they have proven to be less effective advertising and marketing tools. Outdoor PrintingBollard Cover PrintingOutdoor PVC Banners are a few more methods used in print marketing.


A targeted, professional and successful telemarketing plan works wonders for you. A dedicated in-house call centre works best when it is tied to a service support system.  Successful telemarketing depends on a well-developed script that keeps customer concerns in mind. You’re over the phone offer must catch attention and instil a desire to buy. A call at the right time will work much better than untimely calls.

Email marketing

Both established brands and small companies use emails as a marketing tool to directly reach potential buyers.  Various email marketing software is available to help you. Automation software sends emails to subscribers on predefined dates. Other software ensures your mail reaches the recipient’s inbox instead of landing in the spam folder.


A well planned and designed website pays marketing dividends. It projects your brand image and reflects the authenticity of your products. A well planned and designed website is easy to navigate and mobile friendly.  Loading time needs to be within three seconds or so to avoid loss of traffic due to impatience. Internal links give structure to the site and invite clients to browse longer. Call for action is a must for your site. Above all, the HTTPS ensure security for your website and enhance the trust factor.

E-commerce website

E-commerce has permeated beyond everyday retailing to impact the HVAC industry too. E-commerce websites are selling air conditioning equipment as well as their spare parts. The issue lies with online contractors who often are unaware of the norms of the industry. Hence most reliable contractors avoid these sites and thereby lose out on millions of dollars worth of business. It is a good idea to develop a relationship with e-commerce sites. At the same time, it is Important to avoid warranty issues by guiding buyers to the right products and spares.

Search engine optimization

Search engine marketing is an effective way to market your products. This strategy includes SEO, local SEO and Pay Per Click search. Using keywords gets your SEO right and brings you to the top of the page in web searches. HVAC marketing success depends on local SEO as it helps in driving free traffic your way. In addition to the right keywords, the present-day sophisticated algorithms require leveraging all online opportunities and have a well-planned website that is optimized for mobile users. Contact best digital marketing agency London to increase your local ranking.

 Paid Ads

Use PPC ads to drive traffic to your site. It leads customers to a specific place where they can find a solution to their problem instead of making them wade through a website in search of the same services.  Consequently, your landing page for PPC is vital for marketing success. It has the potential to double or triple your revenue. To evaluate the success of your marketing strategy, remember to track calls to know the clicks that are working best for you.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is extremely useful for the HVAC industry.  Most internet users are also active on at least one social media platform. There are numerous ways of using social media. Your blog posts can be reposted on Face Book and twitter. Instagram is a great platform for showcasing photographs of your work. FaceBook campaigns are a low cost and effective marketing strategy. You can host social media campaigns to garner attention and increase sales. With so many avenues open to you make sure to include social media in your marketing strategy.

 Word of mouth

Referrals work wonders for the HVAC industry. The best way to gain confidence is by having users share their experiences. A friend’s referral is four times more likely to turn into a sale.  Research has shown that there is a 77% increase in chances of buying when consumers find referrals from people they count on. Referrals act as social proof and create trust among potential buyers. Include referral programs while making your marketing strategies. Your referral system must have clear guidelines for ways to leave referrals.

 Electronic media – television and radio

Even in this age of digital and internet information, viewers and listeners continue to tune in to their favourite shows. This bulk of viewers is accustomed to ad exposure on radio and TV. To make electronic ads in your favour make each word of the short 0-second slot count. Include sound effects and music to attract and hold attention and help in the recall. Finally, provide a great call to action. Couple this with consistency and you have a strong marketing strategy in hand.

Be creative, adventurous, and disruptive in your advertising strategies to reap the benefit from your marketing strategy for the HVAC industry. New avenues for reaching your customers are opening up constantly. Keep the new trends in mind while devising your marketing plans

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